Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves, Singapore
Henderson Waves, Singapore, Picture taken from here

We walked
facing the shiny sun rise
that May, last year
through the Henderson Waves

We stopped
in the bus station
stepping our foot upstairs
listening to the city crickets song
on the Henderson Waves

Had been known you for months
Never been heard you so noisy
complaining me walking so slowly
along the Henderson Waves

We sat down
Giving space for me breathing
You told me your story
having been there, in the Henderson Waves
with somebody
Saw in your eyes
Memory you saved and kept there
in the Henderson Waves

That May, in the Henderson Waves,
I made a story
I felt the waves coming to me
inside, deeper, and softly
at somewhere only we know
The Henderson Waves.

Henderson Waves, May 28, 2014


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